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We all have stories from the river. Hell, isn’t that part of the point? River running exposes us to wild waters, wildlife and (more often than not) wild people too—a perfect storm of variables that guarantees you’ll have some tales to tell.

Be it a heroic save, an exhilarating encounter, a cautionary tale or experience of mythological proportions, we want to share your favorite river trip stories across the RTP community.

We can’t wait to read yours!

Submission Guidelines

  1. Keep it friendly
     In the spirit of kindness and inclusion, keep your submissions cordial. There is always more than one side of a story, and overtly cruel or inflammatory content will not be published. We do love a good cautionary tale, and stories about “this one time, this one guy _________” are totally acceptable, but please avoid unfair and unkind language.

    Note: When you submit a story, we may choose to anonymize names on your behalf depending on the nature of the story. You can also proactively request this when you submit, if you’d like.

  2. Keep it light
    RTP is all about inspiring boaters of all skill levels. While river running can have inherently high consequences, this is not the place to share or dissect stories involving death or grave injury occurring on the river. On the contrary, the river can be a powerful place to process grief, pay tribute or reflect on memories with people. We are grateful for these types of stories and welcome them openly.

  3. We love photos
    Including high quality photos in your submission is encouraged, but make sure you have the necessary permissions for any media you submit with your story.

  4. Done is better than perfect
    Your story deserves to be shared, and sometimes the biggest barrier is our strive for perfection. It doesn’t have to be polished to be worthwhile. Should your submission need a little work, we will help with easy-to-follow suggestions and edits so you can feel good about the story you shared.

  5. Respect for nature and safety
    Stories that encourage poor stewardship and/or safety on river trips are not welcome. Cautionary tales and lessons learned, however, are encouraged so we can laugh and learn from one another. After all, that’s how we become better boaters!

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