Meet RTP

Who We Are

River Trip Planner is our love letter to all the amazing trips we’ve been on, and the well-organized trip leaders that made them special.

About Us

River Trip Planner is a passion project, created and curated by Charlotte and Trevor from their home in southwestern Colorado.

Charlotte is a lifelong rafter, having conquered her first run through the Grand Canyon “in utero” (and several times since). Her love for desert canyons and wild waters inspires those around her, and she brings experience and passion to every trip she rows.

Trevor is a more recent boater, learning to read the water and navigate the canyons from Charlotte and her family. His love for adventure has him grabbing for the oars at every whiff of whitewater. Off the water, he brings “Type A” organization to the table, so everyone can focus on having “Type 1” fun on the trip.

Charlotte and Trevor, sitting on the front of a raft in a canyon.

"hope to see you on the river" - C & T

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